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Pregnancy scanning sheep in Western Victoria since 1996.

We pregnancy test sheep using the latest in ultrasound technology.

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About SheepPro

SheepPro began scanning in 1996 after being introduced to agriculture in 1992. At the time it was a new and underdeveloped industry that carried a lot of potential for producers who embraced this concept.

SheepPro has increased procedure proficiency by traveling to New Zealand (where sheep scanning has been established for many years), and getting tuition from experienced industry leaders.

SheepPro primarily services the Western District of Victoria with the help of sub contractors as needed.

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Why pregnancy scan sheep?2022-12-20T13:38:29+11:00

Scanning of sheep is one of few management tools that allows you to see the potential of your flock well before it will be realised.

Scanning can identify your single and multiple bearing ewes and ewes that are dry.

This allows you to allocate feed depending on the number of foetuses. It also allows multiple bearing ewes be placed in warmer paddocks to increase survival rates.

By identifying your dry ewes allows you to re join for a later lambing or allows the sale of these ewes that have a reduced capacity of production.

Scanning may also give you a marketing edge when selling sheep in lamb. If the purchaser has some idea of lambing potential they may be prepared to pay more.

What is EID?2022-12-20T13:44:12+11:00

EID is the electronic identification of sheep that allows you to manage sheep as individuals not as mobs.

By using EID within your flock it allows you to generate data specific to that animal.

From the data collected, reports can be generated that allows you to see which animals are giving you the greatest returns and which animals are not. From this we are able to draft according to paramiters that you feel are driving your business.

A small expense can become a great investment.

What do you need to provide on the day of scanning?2022-12-20T13:45:44+11:00

On the day of scanning you will need a supply of water (20L per 400 sheep) power within 40 metres of yards and a set of stock-proof sheep yards. Some portable panels, tie wire and steel posts may also be required.

You will also need a minimum of two (2) people in yards at all times to help with sheep flow.

Additional staff may be required if droving is needed.

What equipment does SheepPro bring?2022-12-20T13:46:59+11:00

On the day of scanning we bring a purpose built sheep handler along with an Ultrasound, air compressor, draft gates and some panels.

On the day of drafting we bring a 3/5 way auto drafter with data collector and panel reader if needed.

We can also bring a computer to upload and down load data  during the session as needed.

Do you need to empty out ewes before scanning?2022-12-20T13:47:52+11:00

Yes – ewes need to be emptied out prior to scanning. If not, results may vary.

Ewes are not to be supplement-fed 48 hours prior to scanning.

Is the equipment cleaned between jobs?2022-12-20T13:48:16+11:00

The equipment is cleaned between jobs by pressure washing and removing all contaminants.

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